AgroTIC App

Smartphone-based application for agricultural remote technical assistance in Colombia.

About our App

AgroTIC takes advantage of smartphone sensors and several ICT tools. Specifically, AgroTIC comprises four main modules: Chat, Diagnosis, Production, and Marketing. The first allows communication between farmer-to-farmer, farmer-agronomists for remote technical assistance, and farmer-to-merchant for negotiating the products . The second module is a tool that provides an RGB analysis based on the estimation of two visible vegetation indices to help agronomists in diagnosis. The third module allows farmers to enter information related to their crops to estimate production volumes and prepare the information for the marketing process. In the fourth module, the farmers can offer their products and establish direct contact with potential buyers. AgroTIC was initially developed for a community of farmers who grow citrus fruits (orange, tangerine, and Tahiti lime) in the Simacota town, Santander, Colombia.

AgroTIC Features

AgroTIC comprises four main modules: Chat, Diagnosis, Production, and Marketing.

Production Module

The Production module allows farmers to keep track of their lands and crops, and this information is shared among Diagnosis and Marketing Modules.

Diagnosis Module

The Diagnosis module allows farmers to take pictures of leaves from a plant with an unknown disease. Then, it runs both the vegetation index algorithm and the CNN on the acquired images to estimate the plant's overall health and the disease, respectively. Finally, the Diagnosis module sent the results to an agronomist to further analysis.

Chat Module

The Chat module allows farmers to establish a channel of communication with other farmers and agronomists. With this communication network, farmers can share experiences and consult other farmers about concerns or common crop problems.

Marketing Module

The Marketing Module allows farmers to offer their products, start and keep track of their auction, and establish direct contact with the end buyers.

Tutorial: AgroTIC app usage

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Who develop the App

This App was developed when we were at the High Dimensional Signal Processing Group (HDSP) at Universidad Industrial de Santander. We are all software engineers from Universidad Industrial de Santander.

Carlos Hinojosa

Front End Developer

Elkin Diaz

Back End Developer

Jonathan Monsalve


Jhon Pinto


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Our app is tested on Android, and we are currently developing a version for Ios.